About our Founders

Dr. Louis Tinnin
Psychiatrist and Co-Founder of ITR®
Linda Gantt
Art Therapist and Co-Founder of ITR®

The Mental Health Emancipation Movement

Everyone has the right to be healed and help others heal. The ITR™ evidence-supported treatment method is available to you no matter what your degree or background. Even the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services offers trainings for peer workers in behavioral health services through SAMHSA.

We don’t ask “What’s wrong with the person?,” we ask “What’s happened to the person?”


ITR is simple, fast and effective. We recommend people work with a licensed mental health provider, but sometimes this is not possible or desired.

ITR Method Founders

With over 30 years of clinical experience helping individuals dealing with trauma and other mental health challenges, psychiatrist Dr. Lou Tinnin and art therapist Dr. Linda Gantt developed and tested the approach in their practices. Dr. Linda Gantt now focuses on training the next generation of therapists to help their clients process trauma and improve their lives.

Louis Tinnin
Psychiatrist and Co-Founder of the ITR™ Method
“Trauma is the biggest mental health problem of the 21st century and it is the most treatable."
Danni Davis
“I love the ITR. I think it will revolutionize mental health and trauma treatment. I think everyone should be trained in the ITR method. It’s effective. it’s quick, but most of all it reduces PTSD symptoms and that’s what we want, these children and these adults to have healthy, happy lives."
Christy Pagels
“The ITR method helps clients address the effects of harm produced by trauma and stop the negative effects from continuing. It’s a trauma treatment approach that honors the whole person."
Dr. Linda Gantt
Art Therapist and Co-Founder of the ITR™ Method
“PTSD is not a life sentence. In our work, we see symptoms greatly reduced or completely eliminated, and it doesn’t take years to do it.”