Consultation Calls

A Level 4 Certified ITR Instructor will host bi-weekly one-hour group calls reviewing case studies and answering questions about practicing ITR. These 10 calls are designed to help a Specialist advance quickly in their skill level and be comfortable with resolving any trauma scenario. The learner must present 2 full case studies with assesments and Graphic Narratives with Externalized Dialogues. The competancy presentations have to be approved to count towards the 2 required “ITR Clean" presentations.  At the end of the group calls the learner must do an hour exit call with an instructor to ensure full comprehension of ITR techniques and tasks. This is the final step for a Level 2 ITR Certified Trauma Specialist (ITR-CTS). Consultation Calls are $399


The times are:

11am-12pm EST
7:30-8:30pm EST

On Every other Wednesday (some holiday exceptions)

We will send out reminder emails but please schedule these dates.

WHAT IF I MISS ONE? It’s ok if you miss a Wednesday. Just come back when you can. Pick any time that works.



There are 10 (ten) group calls and on 2 of the calls you will be required to present a case study including assessments (if possible), Graphic Narrative and Externalized Dialogue from the same event. On the calls you are not presenting, you will see others present. You are expected to be fully present on video (not just audio or a black screen) and participate in the feedback and discussion about the presentations.


1. Be prepared: Do not sign up to present a case study until you have completed the ITR trauma profile assessments (agency required assessments are accepted if you can not administer ITR assessments).  Have completed a Graphic Narrative™ (have a representation written out or recorded) and have completed an Externalized Dialogue™. Explain the situation before presenting it.

2. Be courteous: If you are distracting and not present on the consultation call video (dark screen, moving on and off the screen, or looking away most of the whole call) your participation for that call will not be counted. The moderator has the right to remove anyone from the call.  If removed from a call or you fail to be fully present, you will be required to buy additional calls to finish full 10 group calls. ($25 Per group call or $75/30 mins private call.)

3. Be responsible: Please NO CHILDREN or others should be present to hear or see these calls.

4. Get practice: You can work with any individual who wishes to address an overwhelming or traumatic event. These do not have to be individuals you see at work but they can be if the time allows you to get practice soon after training.

After completing 2 approved case presentations and all 10 calls, you will then have a private one hour exit with a Certified ITR Instructor.  During the exit call,  you will explain the whole ITR® “clean" process: the intake with assessments, psychoeducation, how to do a timeline, Graphic Narrative™ (GN), Externalized Dialogue™ (ED) and give an example for a follow-up plan. The instructor must believe you are able to conduct ITR properly and on your own. If you are not certified we offer:

 An additional round of 7 Consult Calls (6 group calls and an exit call.) $249

Additional private individual Consultation Calls for ITR Facilitator questions or case questions with an instructor are as follows:

CITRI private consultation: 30 min call/ $75 and 1 hour/ $125

Dr. Gantt private consultation: 60 mins $275

INTENSIVE OBSERVATIONS: has made intensive observations available to learners who want more experience with ITR. The learning observer splits the hourly cost to be a part of the sessions. Regularily $200/hr, the learner pays $50/hour to observe a CITRI guiding intensive work(the client pays a reduced rate for these hours). The hours can be flexible and range from 5-20 for the leaner. 1 hour of private calls with the CITRI are available for questions during and afterward the observation time. If this is something you are interested in please contact us. Each situation is different. 800-214-0403

INSTRUCTOR’S NOTE: If you want to move on to a Level 4 Certified ITR Instructor you must do at least 2 rounds of consultation calls, be active using ITR, participate in observing and conducting intensive work and assist at ATC 102 LIVE courses with no pay. This still does not guarantee you a position with the ITR Training Institute LLC. There are other factors that come into play like training demands in the market place. We expect growth so keep us in mind as a possible additional source of income and learn the ITR to the highest degree.

Consultation Calls

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