Consultation Calls

A Level 4 Certified ITR Trainer will host bi-weekly one-hour group calls reviewing case studies and answering questions about practicing the ITR™ Method. These calls are designed to help a practitioner advance quickly in their skill level and be comfortable with any client. Most new subscribers begin with a 30-minute intake call and end with a 45-minute exit call where the learner does a re-presentation of a Graphic Narrative™ process and an Externalized Dialogue™ procedure, demonstrating they know and understand the ITR method.


The times are EST


On Every other Wednesday (some holiday exceptions)

We will send out reminder emails but please schedule these dates.

WHAT IF I MISS ONE? It’s ok if you miss a Wednesday. Just come back when you can. Pick any time that works

HOW IT WORKS : We have designed the calls so you have a 30-minute intro call with a trainer for any questions you may have and to be sure you are comfortable with the ITR method.

We will also provide a 45-minute exit call where you will do a Graphic Narrative™ process (GN) and an Externalized Dialogue™ (ED) procedure.

You have 6 group calls where you will present at least one case study (GN and ED), see others do the same and learn about different populations.

You can continue on calls another round for $297 (smart to do if you wish to do intensives for ITT or train for ITR Training Institute.

Individual Consultation Calls with a trainer: 30 min call/ $50 and 1 hour/ $100

If you want to move on to a Level 4 Certified ITR Trainer, at least 2 rounds of calls are required as well as assistant training with no pay. It is a learning experience.

Consultation Calls

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