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Instinctual Trauma Response™ therapy is simple, fast and effective. Learn it with the ATC 101 Online Course

Based on 30 years of clinical research with some of the toughest cases in the mental health field, the Instinctual Trauma Response method is now available to you through this Accelerated Traumatology Course. Dr. Louis Tinnin (a psychiatrist) and Linda Gantt (an art therapist) developed this break-through process of greatly reducing or completely eradicating trauma symptoms. Experience success in healing your client’s trauma symptoms. You will learn everything you need to completely process trauma from the intake and psychoeducation to the actual trauma processing and post-treatment work and why the Instinctual Trauma Response™ treatment works.

The ATC 101 Online FREE course has 11.5 CEs for NBCC, NO NASW TIL APPROVAL any day now.

ATC 102 2-Day Live Course is 12 CEs with NBCC and NO NASW TIL APPROVAL any day now

Agencies: For 28.5 CEs join our ITR 101 Hybrid course and combine this free course with the LIVE conferencing experiential section needed for certification.


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Each Module offers an optional “Knowledge Check” that will prepare you for the final quiz.