According to the American Psychological Association, over half the population has experienced trauma. Unfortunately, this is not news to you. As a licensed therapist or life coach, you are seeing the effects on your clients every day. They may present with symptoms of dissociation, depression, anxiety or a host of other behavioral and psychological issues. The challenge lies in identifying and treating the root cause, not just the symptoms. This is where the Instinctual Trauma Response™ (ITR) method will help.

The trauma training certification is comprised of three segments.

Segment #1: 10-Hour Accelerated Traumatology 101 (Online)

In this first phase, you will have an opportunity to learn from a faculty group that includes the co-founder of the methodology, Dr. Linda Gantt. Some of the topic areas include:

  • The history of trauma and the Instinctual Trauma Response;
  • How the brain reacts to trauma;
  • Specific clinical methods effective in treating clients with PTSD, CPTSD and dissociative disorders,
  • Applying the techniques with non-verbal or child clients; and
  • A foundation in art-informed techniques that support the ITR approach.

CE Credits: The segment has been approved for 11.5 continuing education credits for licensed mental health practitioners by NBCC and NASW.

Segment #2: 4-Day Accelerated Traumatology 102 (LIVE)

In this second phase, you will be in a small learning session with other trainees where you will have an opportunity to:

  • Gain confidence in your skills;
  • Demonstrate your understanding of key procedures and methods using the Instinctual Trauma Response Method for trauma treatment; and
  • Show your ability to apply those methods effectively.

It is an experiential course, where you will have the opportunity to observe live sessions, as well as conduct them, and support fellow learners as you each learn to deal with different populations and situations.

CE Credits: The segment has been approved for continuing education credits by NBCC and NASW.

Segment #3: Accelerated Traumatology 102 (Consultation Calls)

In this final phase, you will work with a Certified Instructor and a group of active specialists applying ITR in different settings and with various populations. No CEs. This includes:

  • 6 (six) interactive video calls with case studies presented by participants and then discussed by the group.
  • 1-hour exit call with a Certified Instructor where the participant present assessments, psychoeducation, a timeline, a full Graphic Narrative process and an Externalized Dialogue procedure and a follow up example to demonstrate they are confident with the process and keep fidelity to ITR.

Successful completion of this final step results in your Certification as: ITR – Certified Trauma Specialist (ITR-CTS).

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LIVE Training
  • Instinctual Trauma Response™ ATC 102 4-Day Live (virtual) provides CEs with NBCC and NASW
  • Learn how to resolve trauma symptoms quickly, simply, and efficiently. Become a ITR Certified Trauma Specialist. You will be in a triad where you eill be an observer, client, and provider twice. Address a few events of your own. Learn to guide a person through ITR from pre-screen to follow-up. Be empowered to do your own work and reduce compassion fatigue. Para-professionals invited.
  • This course is $1999
  • Call 304-291-2912 or 800-214-0403 or email
  • For full ITR treatment certification Consultation Calls ($397) are required.
Group Training Session


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