Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to be certified in the ITR method?

You need to complete the ATC 102 and the consultation calls.  See more under ITR Certification

Who can take the ATC 101 ONLINE?

Anyone can take this free course. It was designed for master’s level mental health practitioners but many people working in the field or with traumatized people have found it very helpful. Anyone interested in how the ITR method works is invited to take it. There are no CEs for the free version.

What are the knowledge checks?

These are copies of the quiz questions that will be at the end of the courses.  This gives you a chance to review the questions. They can be used to help you get through the quiz.

How do the Consultation Call work?

You will have 10 hours of group calls and a 1 hr private call for the exit call.  You must present 2 cases on the group calls including assessments, Graphic Narrative, and Externalized Dialogue, all following the ITR “clean" checklist. You must log in with your camera and mic on but go on mute. If you aren’t speaking.  Participate. It is fine to change call times or skip a week if need be.

How do I get the CEs for the courses?

We have CEs available for NASW and NBCC. A certificate will generate after you finish the online courses. You will be given a certificate at the end of the ATC 102 LIVE or any other qualified live course. Do what your organization requires you to do with the certificate.

What if I want more information on the Intensive Trauma Therapy? has more comprehensive information on the intensive model and ITR itself.  Please visit there or call 800-755-6105 or email

Can I practice after I do the ATC 101 ONLINE?

YES! Please know the laws of your state about practicing, but you can practice the method right away.  To be certified you will need to take the ITR Hybrid 101 and finish the Consultation Calls.

Why do you have so many free courses?

We want people to understand how trauma works with the body and brain, how to recognize it and how it can be treated using the ITR method. Our goal is to have the world be “trauma-effective and parts informed”. We want to contribute to the mental health emancipation movement and give everyone the tools they need to heal and thrive without trauma symptoms.

I know someone who says they can teach me this method. Can I just learn it from them?

All of our trainers are certified and work through the ITR Training Institute only.  We do not know what other people are teaching and have no control over what they say and do. We do not recommend this. The only certification you can get in this method is through the ITR Training Institute, LLC.