FREE Accelerated Traumatology Course 101

Learn everything you need to completely process trauma in 10 hours! 10 CEs!

Parent Course

Designed for foster and adoptive parents, gain tools you apply immediately.

Educator Course

Designed for educators, learn to identify trauma in children, create safe spaces, and more!

Our Mission

Our mission is to make effective trauma treatment available to anyone wanting to heal and resolve their trauma symptoms once and for all. Being trauma-informed is not enough. We believe people need to be “trauma-effective and parts informed." It’s simply not enough to know about the effects of trauma. It is essential to have effective and long-lasting treatments.

The ITR Training Institute is part of the emerging Mental Health Emancipation Movement.

With over 30 years of clinical experience helping individuals dealing with trauma and other mental health challenges, psychiatrist Dr. Lou Tinnin and art therapist Dr. Linda Gantt developed and tested the approach in their practices. Dr. Linda Gantt now focuses on training the next generation of therapists to help their clients process trauma and improve their lives.

How We Differ


Unlike many other psychodynamic approaches, processing a single traumatic event can happen quickly, even in as little as one session.


Regardless of your psychodynamic or psychoanalytic approach, the ITR Method adapts to become part of your process.


Can be used with both children and adults: This method can be applied to clients as young as 3 – or 93.

"Trauma is the biggest mental health problem of the 21st century and it is the most treatable."
Louis Tinnin
Psychiatrist and Co-Founder of the ITR™ Method